The name className is used for this property instead of class because of conflicts with the "class" keyword in many languages which are used to manipulate the DOM.

- axelo/tslint-jsx-typed-class-name Components and Props Components let you split the UI into independent, reusable pieces, and think about each piece in isolation. As others have commented, classnames utility is the currently recommended approach to handle conditional CSS class names in ReactJs.
babel plugin for automatically adding `classnames()` to `className` attribute. We certainly could have done it the other way around. ReactJS - JSX - React uses JSX for templating instead of regular JavaScript. It is not necessary to use it, however, following are some pros that come with it. The first part of a JSX tag determines the type of the React element. JSX, like Java, does not allow top-level statements or functions. If you want to test out how some specific JSX is converted into JavaScript, you can try out the online Babel compiler.

Class _Main has a static member function (a.k.a. className can also be an instance of SVGAnimatedString if the element is an SVGElement.
_Main.main(:string[]):void is the entry point of JSX applications that is called when a user invokes an application from command line. TSLint rule to provide typed class names for the jsx attribute className. This page provides an introduction to the idea of components. - meowtec/babel-plugin-jsx-classnames Add more safety to your react components, especially with the css utility library of your choice. As of TypeScript 2.8, if JSX.ElementAttributesProperty is not provided, the type of first parameter of the class element’s constructor or Function Component’s call will be used instead. In your case, the solution will look like: var btnGroupClasses = classNames( 'btn-group', 'pull-right', { 'show': this.props.showBulkActions, 'hidden': !this.props.showBulkActions } ); a class method) named main, that takes an array of strings and returns nothing. Capitalized types indicate that the JSX tag is referring to a React component. Specifying The React Element Type . declare namespace JSX { interface ElementAttributesProperty { props; // specify the property name to use } } class MyComponent { // specify the property on the element instance type props: { foo? I argued for that for a while.

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