So friend follow the instruction and reset internet explorer without opening reset command line. Reset Internet Explorer to Default Settings (Windows CMD) Use Windows command line to factory reset IE to defaults. Preferably from the Microsoft document or TechNet site.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer (for 64-bit/x64 Windows 10) C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer (for 32-bit/x86 Windows 10) Once you have located the executable ‘iexplore.exe’, right-click on it and select Send to > Desktop (Create shortcut). reset internet explorer without opening reset command line. Windows Explorer offers several command-line switches that can control the way it works. I want to make a cmd batch file that opens 3 tabs in internet explorer window Doesnt matter to me if there is already internet explorer window open or not I have this commant, but it opens the tabs in chrome (my default browser, dont want to change it..)

You can easily use the internet explorer using the shortcut we made on your Desktop. Click on ‘About Internet explorer’. ; If keyboard installed - Keystroke Windows Key + X and click 'Command Prompt'. Command-Line Parameters for Starting Internet Explorer In addition to using command-line switches to customize Setup, you can use command-line parameters to customize how Internet Explorer is started. ; Alternatively scroll through the start menu and within the 'Windows System' folder you will see the option for Command Prompt. This is useful when troubleshooting IE related issues. We want to reset shortcut internet explorer settings many times. Please consider how the questions you are getting via search engine are answered - through these "useless" posts!

RELATED: 10 Ways to Open the Command Prompt in Windows 10 Say you’re in the Command Prompt, working with files and folders, … Learn how do i Reset Internet Explorer Without Opening. How to install Internet Explorer on Windows 10 – Step-1: At first, you need to click on Windows Start Button and search the term (PowerShell). I can show you how to easily you can restore Internet Explorer today. Click on the Start button > Run Type the following command and press on the OK button iexplore.exe -private Ironically, this thread is now the top result for the search term "start internet explorer maximized command line". We can find the version of the internet explorer using the following steps. Thank you in advance, ... And it will give you a list of each command line argument you can use to perform common everyday tasks in File Explorer. Windows 10 File Explorer Command Line Options I am looking for a list of Microsoft Windows 10 "File Explorer command line options". Here's a simple command to launch Internet Explorer in InPrivate Browsing: . Note: How to open command prompt: Below are some ways you can open a Command Prompt window within Windows.. Windows 10: Click the Start button and typing 'cmd' into the search box. There are all kinds of ways to open a Command Prompt window from File Explorer—and you can even run commands right in the File Explorer address bar—but did you know it’s just as easy to open a File Explorer window from the Command Prompt?. This will open a small window displaying the version of internet explorer … Open internet explorer if not opened already Click Help menu(If menu bar is not displayed, you can press Alt-H). For example, by default, Windows Explorer opens the …

Step-2: After opening the PowerShell application, then right-click on the open it as “ Run as Administrator ” mode.

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