I am not understanding why I cant access my DAZN account (which has been paid for).

Welcome to DAZN! Big Fights. Archived. Learn more. 1. Get the best value with the annual pass for $99.99/year or stay flexible with a monthly subscription for $19.99/month. Details. Exclusively on DAZN. One Price.

WHAT YOU GET Get exclusive access to all of the fights and original content from …

Created by fans, for fans, it is leading the charge to give affordable access to sport anytime, anywhere.

I emailed DAZN last Monday (February 3rd) as I wanted to cancel my subscription before I get charged for the month again (February 4th) and they responded asking what email is associated with my account because they couldn’t find me, and also asked what was wrong with my account since they didn’t understand my initial description.

If you sign in with a different account, you will be signed out from all the Samsung apps you are currently using. Posted by . You can change your login details at any time by visiting our website and clicking on the "My Account" page. Live sports aren’t a TV show. User account menu. Especially if your favorite team is playing. In accordance with Section 7.1.2 above, you agree that the login details are unique to you and should not be shared with any other person.

How to cancel DAZN US. Any Device. Upvote (22) Subscribe Unsubscribe. All live and on-demand on all your devices, only with the DAZN app. u/R-Phoenix. Recommended Answer Recommended Answers (0) All Replies (2) Gold Product Expert MisterCanada.

Cancel from web browser, Smart TV, or gaming console: In upper right corner click Menu then click “My Account”* Sign in to your account using your credentials In the subscription section click on the ‘CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION’ button Please enter why you would like to cancel the service. Can anyone link me the page to start the unsubscription? 7.3 Your subscription entitles you to use the DAZN Service on a maximum of two (2) devices at any one time. Close. DAZN is available on most internet-connected devices, including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, PCs, game consoles, streaming sticks and set-top boxes. There’s nothing like watching live sports on a big screen so if you are searching for how to watch DAZN on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you made the right call. My hotmail account is used as a recovery email for my gmail account. And DAZN? Can anyone link me the page to start the unsubscription? The level of emotions is just on an entirely different level. 1. … account_security, Android, Other.

Stream a stacked lineup of fights live on DAZN. Samsung Account Enter the account information you want to use. 1 year ago.

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