This is where to write the generated files (the default is the current directory), set ags=generate -t modules\swagger-codegen\src\main\resources\csharp -i vertafore\metadata\ratingApiMetaData.json -l csharp -o vertafore\client\csharp\rating. Create a batch file for generating Java client. That’s the only way we can improve. The default settings of this tool are customizable. Then, once the client has been generated, two additional topics show you how to make API calls (Java call to AMS360 API and C# to Rating API). Swagger is an open source software to build standard documentation in a human readable format for REST APIs. Name the file: create_rating_csharp_client.bat, set executable=.\modules\swagger-codegen-cli\target\swagger-codegen-cli.jar, set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -XX:MaxPermSize=256M -Xmx1024M -DloggerPath=conf/, set ags=generate -t TEMPLATE_DIRECTORY -i SPEC_FILE -l LANGUAGE -o OUTPUT_DIRECTORY, -t